Delivering medicinal cannabis products from 2017

Unique approach to the best quality management

World-class research program

Medicinal Cannabis Product for Australia.

Australia will be finalising its regulatory processes over 2016 and 2017.

Future Products

Canndeo is building partnerships with leading international organisations in the medicinal cannabis space, bringing the latest developments in medicinal cannabis delivery technology.

Future Developments

A bright future for medicinal cannabis requires leading companies to develop treatments that compete with current medicines or can reach into new areas of medicine.

About Canndeo

Canndeo was founded by Agri Fibre Industries , Australia’s leader in breeding and technology for Cannabis sativa with more Australian Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for Cannabis sativa than any other organisation. With over 17 years experience in the breeding, growth management, quality control and use of Cannabis sativa, AFI delivers the core expertise to both supply the best medicinal cannabis products in Australia, and to fast-track its development into a whole new class of medicinal products.

Management and Key Personnel

Dr Andrew Beehag - CEO

Expert in strategies for new business, IP commercialization and management, and an experienced manager of multi-party international research collaboration.

John Hall – Executive Director

Expert in breeding and plant management for consistency and quality of Cannabis sativa extracts.

Dr. Craig Davis

Leading expert in bio extracts and product development, establishment of bio products manufacturing and interaction with government laboratories.