Company Origin

Canndeo was founded by Agri Fibre Industries, Australia’s leader in breeding and technology for Cannabis sativa with more Australian Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for Cannabis sativa than any other organisation. With more than 17 years of background in the breeding, growth management, quality control and use of Cannabis sativa, AFI delivers the core expertise to both supply the best medicinal cannabis products in Australia, and to fast-track its development into a whole new class of medicinal products.

Vision, Mission and Approach

Canndeo sees medicinal cannabis quickly becoming a major industry internationally, with continual high growth over a period of decades. In this market there will be leaders who truly transform how we view medicines, and deliver low cost products by fundamentally disrupting the current pharmaceutical industry approach to medicine development. In this way, Canndeo believes that medicinal cannabis products will be powerful change agents enabling broader access to healthcare.

Canndeo’s mission is to be a world leader in the development of therapeutically superior, paramount quality and cost effective medicines derived from Cannabis sativa.

We will achieve this through our end-to-end integration of essential capability and intellectual property, by investing and fostering connections through the entire value chain:

  • Breeding of superior strains of Cannabis sativa without genetic modification
  • Applying superior quality management and technology approaches through plant growth, extraction and medicine production
  • Supporting leading research centres in understanding the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and other Cannabis sativa products, and efficiently pursuing their trial and approval as medicines
  • Working with doctors, pharmacies, patient support groups, governments and regulatory agencies to ensure adherence to the highest standards of care within a regulated environment
  • Building international alliances to fast-track development and market introduction of medicinal cannabis

Name and Values

The name Canndeo brings together cannabis with Deo, a synonym for the Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest (Demeter). Our name underlies our strong belief in the power of using cannabis plants and sound agricultural practice to provide a basis for a whole new generation of medicines. By viewing agriculture practice and pharmacological development as natural partners, we anticipate superior, novel and breakthrough approaches to diseases and ailments resulting from our collaborative approach.

Management and Key Personnel

Dr Andrew Beehag


Expert in strategies for new business, IP commercialization and management, and an experienced manager of multi-party international research collaboration.

John Hall

Executive Director

Expert in breeding and plant management for consistency and quality of Cannabis sativa extracts.

Dr Craig Davis

Bio Extraction Consultant

Leading expert in bio extracts and product development, establishment of bio products manufacturing and interaction with government laboratories.

Ken Charteris

Relationship Advisor

Highly experienced CEO/MD in Australian and international multi-site business units specialising in greenfield start-ups, acquisitions and business turnaround.