Canndeo Products

Medicinal Cannabis for Australia

Australian and State governments are finalising their regulatory processes in 2016 and 2017. Commercial enterprises will then be able to supply medicinal cannabis through authorised pharmacy suppliers.

From 2017, Canndeo will develop and supply medicinal cannabis into this new market. From its growing and processing base in Bundaberg, Canndeo will supply products to the most stringent standards of purity and quality. In the interim, Canndeo is commencing its international engagement program, and building information for health professionals, interested future patients and their carers.

Future Products

Several countries, particularly in the USA, have looked for several years at the commercial opportunities through a deregulated market. While this environment has different drivers to the regulated market established in Australia, it has still resulted in a small number of very high quality companies emerging with innovative products and technology.

Canndeo is building partnerships with leading international organisations in the medicinal cannabis space, bringing the latest developments in medicinal cannabis delivery technology. We will assess the best products for Australia in consultation with doctors, patient groups and regulators.

We anticipate these partnerships will help accelerate opportunities for the clinical trial and commercial distribution of new medicines. The partnerships will also enable Canndeo to streamline its own development of products.

Future Developments

A bright future for medicinal cannabis requires leading companies to develop treatments that compete with current medicines or can reach into new areas of medicine.

Canndeo has developed a unique Sandbox-Evolution-Certification model for working with leading researchers in the application of medicinal cannabis products, and fast-tracking research to identify new products that are effective, safe and whose revenues can adequately cover the extensive costs associated with clinical trials.

Working closely with its research partners, Canndeo will provide a wide variety of unique strains of Cannabis sativa, and through new research findings will fast-track development of new specialised breeds for the industry. Likewise, research partners will be able to quickly determine new effectiveness of multiple cannabinoids, singly and in combination.

New medicinal cannabis products, identified in a highly cost effective manner, can then rapidly be taken through clinical trial phases to enable new medicines in the regulated environment.