Beyond Procedures

Cannabis sativa can have highly variable levels of cannabinoids and other products, even within the one breed. Achieving consistency and quality with Cannabis sativa requires more than consistent procedures, it requires an in-depth understanding of how each stage of the process affects the product outcomes.


Canndeo implements quality approaches from beginning to end. This can only be achieved through long experience in understanding the growth of Cannabis sativa, and how the combination of breeding and growing conditions can be used for product stability, as well as techniques for achieving unique product combinations during the growing stage. As well as having its own in-house expertise, Canndeo collaborates with field experts in cannabinoid identification, cannabinoid properties and extraction technology development, with our processes helping to drive the best quality in production.


Canndeo is in the process of establishing state of the art facilities for monitoring, extraction, fractionation and testing, to complement the new greenhouse facilities necessary to meet regulatory requirements for supply in Australia from 2017. Canndeo will pursue the highest standard of accreditation including GMP manufacture, ISO9001 quality assurance, NATA certification for laboratory and equipment, and meeting all requirements for licensing and certification required by Australian regulators on completion of their regulatory implementation.